středa 17. listopadu 2010

Jan Šedivý - The Google Developer Day 2010, Prague

The Google Developer Day was started as last year by Eric presenting the main topics: HTML 5, Cloud and Android. He started showing simple snippets of HTML 5 code to access disk files, to support drag and drop. Most impressive was a code keeping text on screen horizontal while tilting the notebook. This is a very handy feature for mobile devices. He has shown two impressive 2D and 3D graphics in HTML 5 running inside a browser. There are many browsers including mobile supporting HTML 5 except of the IE, but it still will take some time before we see more HTML 5 applications.
Eric has introduced the enterprise App Engine, which is in its preview version supporting the BigQeury and Prediction APIs. The famous Mapreduce will be also soon available. Great, Google will make these technologies available to programmers. We also have seen a great presentation of a rapid application development tool Roo. It has been developed by Spring owned by VMware. Roo allows development of web application and launch it on many different platforms including the App Engine.
One the fastest growing product is the Android operating system. There are 200k new Androids activated each day. The Android Market is offering more than 100k of applications today.
The whole Google developer gathering was very inspiring. Google Apps, the App Engine, Androig and Chrome are a very strong combination for creating complex and exciting cloud applications. They are putting Google to the leaders in the cloud computing.

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